Some frequently asked questions:

Web FAQWhat is business improvement?

Business improvement is about doing what you do – only better. Business improvement is not just about one aspect of your business – to successfully improve your business you should look at your business in its entirety. Because it inevitably involves change, you’ll need the commitment of your senior management management team.  Think about your business and ask:

  • what is your vision for your business?
  • how can you get better financial results?
  • how can you better serve your customers?
  • can your internal systems or processes be improved?
  • how can you help your employees to contribute to the business improvement journey?
  • how can your organisation become more innovative?

With a desire to improve and a willingness to look at where your organisation is positioned and where it can go, Improve Your Business Limited can help you to answer the above questions and get to where you want to be.


Why pay for business improvement?

Large businesses have benefited from business improvement projects for many years.  As we become more competitive, smart SMEs and not for profit organisations are also accepting that investing in business improvement techniques will give them an advantage over others in their particular sector. Done well, the benefits of implementing business improvement techniques should far exceed costs.


Can we have a no obligation meeting to determine if we want to use the services of Improve Your Business Limited?

We would be delighted to meet with you at your premises where you can tell us about your business and find out some more about us and how we work. If we think we can help, we will be happy to follow up with a no obligation proposal, including costs and a suggested timeframe.  You will then have the opportunity to get answers to any further questions you may have before proceeding further.

Contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.


Can Improve Your Business Limited act as my Accountant?

The Managing Director of Improve Your Business Limited is a Chartered Accountant and Improve Your Business Limited has a Practicing Certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, so yes we can act as your accountant.

This may be in the capacity of preparing your year end accounts where we will team up with professional tax advisors to provide you with the best service, or as your in-house accountant on an ‘as required’ basis throughout the year.  In the capacity as in-house accountant, we can provide you with timely information to make key business decisions -  decisions which will give your business a competitive edge.

For some of this internal work, you may be entitled to financial assistance. Contact us to discuss.


What can Improve Your Business Limited provide that I cannot get from my existing advisors?

We do not know your existing advisors but what we can offer is:

  • a specialism in business improvement – we really want you to get better results from your business
  • experience of knowing what techniques work from seeing them first hand in other organisations
  • knowledge of the theory and practice of business improvement
  • a ‘cold eyes’  review of your organisation – something which may be difficult for you to do if you are heavily involved in day to day operations
  • ‘hand holding’ for implementation of the agreed way forward
  • access to a network of other professionals who we can use, as and when required, to give you a more comprehensive service


Can Improve Your Business Limited help us with a ’one off’ project?

Improve Your Business Limited can work with your organisation to assist you with a ‘one off’ project such as ‘brain storming’ with management on the way forward, implementing a new process or system, helping to improve customer relations or identifying how employees might contribute to innovations in the business.


Does Improve Your Business Limited provide services to not for profit organisations?

Today, more than ever, the not for profit organisation is expected to provide services efficiently with limited resources.  Many of the business improvement techniques which have proved valuable for large businesses and, more recently, SMEs can be usefully adapted and applied to the not for profit sector. We will do this with consideration for your overall aims and stakeholder requirements.

If your public department, charity or not for profit organisation is genuinely interested in improving the service you provide and making better use of the resources at your disposal, Improve Your Business Limited would be pleased to discuss opportunities with you.