Our Work

Business improvement is about achieving tangible benefits for your business. By implementing a business improvement plan, which we agree together, those benefits will exceed the cost of developing the plan – often many times over.

The same is true whether we’re working on a one-off project or on an ongoing basis – business improvement is an investment that pays dividends.

You may even be eligible for financial assistance for Improve Your Business Limited services and we are happy to explore funding opportunities with you.

To give you a feel for the kind of work that we do, we’ve put together a few case studies and examples of services (names have been withheld to protect client confidentiality).

Web Our WorkImproving Cash Flow


  • Small successful manufacturing business
  • Growth in 2006-2007 resulted in attention to sales and delivery with lack of focus on finances
  • Cash flow pressures put serious strain on business survival

Improve Your Business Limited worked with owners to get the business on track again , thereby overcoming immediate difficulties. More robust credit control and stock control systems have resulted in the business being more competitive going forward.


Managing Instead of ‘Fire- fighting’


  • Very creative business with a great team
  • As a result of responding to new opportunities, ‘hands on’ management failed to invest sufficient time on strategic issues

Improve Your Business Limited worked with the senior team to agree an operational and long term plan. We also helped with implementation of the plan and necessary internal changes. The business is now much more organised and profitable. Management have more time to drive the business forward rather than fire-fighting


Using Performance Measures to Help Manage Growth


  • Prior to engaging Improve Your Business Limited, a number of clients received accounts from their accountant typically 12 months after the accounts year end
  • In the current economic client, this was too late to respond to information on products, services, divisions or geographical areas that were not performing as well as expected.

Improve Your Business Limited set up performance measurement systems appropriate to the size and type of business which allowed these businesses to respond quickly to accurate and timely financial and non financial information. This responsiveness to change allowed clients to keep ahead of competitors in their own sector.

To read more about performance measures to manage growth in SMEs see Articles


Additional Services

Financial Training – some examples

  • Improve Your Business Limited aim to ensure that management training encourages and supports ongoing improvements in client organisations. Training is provided either on a one to one basis or to small groups at a time to suit the client.
  • Improve Your Business Limited has delivered training to clients, funded by the Department of Employment and Learning, which has directly contributed to improved business performance.
  • Improve Your Business Limited delivery a funded programme of financial training for non financial owner/managers in the hotel and tourism sector. As a result, participants were better equipped to make ongoing improvements in their own businesses.
  • Improve Your Business Limited has helped businesses select the most suitable accounts production package for their requirements and followed up with tailored in-house staff training to ensure that clients continue to get maximum benefit from their systems.


Part-time In-house Manager /Accountant

If you require a manager for a short period of time to implement a new project, for example – and you do not have the in-house expertise, contact us about how we can help.

If you are an Invest Northern Ireland client, you may be eligible for financial assistance for Improve Your Business Limited services. We are on the list of Invest NI approved interim managers. Alternatively, other sources of  funding may be available.


Financial Mentoring

Carmel Mc Sorley, Managing Director of Improve Your Business Limited, has provided mentoring services to Princes Trust clients since 1999, helping young people develop their business skills.

Carmel is an approved financial mentor in the current Invest NI Go For It and Growth Programmes as well as the new Tradelinks programme. Clients eligible for these programmes receive free mentoring. Contact us for further details.


Strategic Direction Workshop